Electric Treatment Anti Lice V-Comb Machine, Chemical Free Treatment, Removes Lice Eggs

Electric Treatment Anti Lice V-Comb Machine, Chemical Free Treatment, Removes Lice Eggs

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Electric Treatment Anti Lice V-Comb Machine

How to get Rid of Lice Eggs?

Almost everyone specially women and child facing problem of dandruff lice and its egg in head. For this solution mostly people use different slim comb and oil for clean head. This causes different side effects for instance if someone use oil for long time in hair this may cause of damages hair from roots and through combs bruises caused on head’s skin which may be very dangerous.

With help of slim combs may be lice come out but not all and in root too many eggs are trapped and not come out with too much struggles.

Everyone likes to take care of hair, and for this they do each and everything using different method for healthy hair.

As we know in this fast modern era everyone want to save their precious time people want to everything quick without any hard struggle. For solution of removing dandruff, lice and its eggs today we are going to introduce modern machine which is 100 percent effective in this case without any side effect.

We are talking about once of the most selling product Anti Lice V-Comb which is specially created for remove all kind of unnecessary harmful germs from your head in simple term you can say that this is one of the best lice treatment machine. Now with the help of this machine you can remove dandruff, all kind of  dust lice and its egg.  Let's have look below it's features, specifications, setting up, how to use?, what is include in package? 


- Detects and prevents infestation
- Eliminates head lice and eggs (nits) - even super lice
- As easy as combing
- Gentle on the scalp
- Electrical Device
- Hygienic disposable filter system (4 disposable filters supplied)
- Compact and ergonomic design
- LED illuminated filter unit
- Adjustable combing angle
- Rounded stainless steel teeth


- Vacuum powered head lice machine
- Power Adapter Input Rating: 240V Volts, 50 Hertz
- Power Adapter Output Rating: 24 V, DC 1 ampere
- Suitable operating Temperature: 5˚C – 40˚C
- Suitable Storage Temperature: -25˚C – 70˚C
- Net Weight: 0.35 Kilograms

Setting Up the Device:

- Connect the main body with filtering unit. Connect the combing head to complete the unit. 
- Attach the filter to the combing head, until you hear the clicking sound.
- Carefully attach the combing head by making sure to not to crush or damage the filter.
- Each disposable filter pack also contains the closing lid. You have to keep the lid on the safer place for later use.
- Plug in the adapter to an electrical power source. Make sure that the electric rating of the power source matches the rating mentioned on the power adapter.
- The device is now ready to use.

How to Use:

- Ensure that hair should be well-cleaned, conditioned and dry. Thoroughly brush the hair in order to remove any type of knots or entanglements.
- The LED light of the filter unit will help you to determine the trapped lice and its eggs during the treatment.
- You can use the V-comb head as long as you desire.
- When you’ve finished, remove the filter and close the filter with the lid provided in the filter pack and dispose the filter.
- Do not reuse the filter and remove it as soon as possible.
- Clean the combing brush of the unit with the help of the brush provided with the package. Anti-septic solution can also be used to clean the brush.

Package includes:

- 1 x Electric Lice Comb
- 4 x disposable capture filters
- 1 x Instruction manual
- 1 x Cleaning brush
- 1 x Quick guide

For More Details, please Click hereV-Comb Video Review

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