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Power Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands Set Fitness Bands Resistance Gym Equipment Exercise Bands Pull Rope Fitness Elastic Training Expander, Expander Resistance tube bands


1. Thick elastic band designed to be durable and comfortable.
2. You can focus on your exercise without fear of injury.
3. Textured surface for professional gym use.
4. Perfect for stretching and flexibility.
5. Perfect for cross-fit ,yoga & fitness classes.


1. It is soft and comfortable, has good tensile properties, good resilience, is not easily deformed, and is durable.
2. You don't have to choose a location for sports, you can use this product anywhere, to meet the gym anytime, anywhere.


Color: yellow,green,red, blue, black
Material: 100% latex


Black -1.12 m-35 lb
Blue-1.12 m-30 lb
Red-1.12 m-20 lb
Green-1.12 m-15 lb
Yellow-1.12 m-10 lb