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Fascial Gun Massage Body Relaxation Gun Massager Deep Muscle Vibration Pain Relief  Relax Fitness Therapy for Body Massage Relaxation Best tool for pain relief. Get rid of tiredness & Stay Fresh

Tissue Massage Gun Muscle Massager Muscle Pain Management after Training Exercising Body Relaxation Slimming Shaping Pain Relief

Comes with four attachments

-Flat Massage Head 

For Relaxation/decompression of each muscle group.

-Ball Massage Head

For Waist/Arm/Hip & Thigh Massage.

-U-Shaped Massage Head

For Leg Massage / Shoulder Massage & Arm Massage

-Single Point Massage Head

For Soles Massage, Palms Massage

Vibration Intensity: 4 Adjustable Levels 


Applicators: Fork Head, Bullet Head, Flat Head, Round Head

6 Gears Adjustable Speeds